Activision account recovery

Activision account recovery and password resetting

With an Activision account by your side, playing cross-platform games is not a daunting task. This account lets you access most of the gaming platforms in a single place which ultimately makes playing with your friends easy for you. However, an individual may sometimes, forget his Activision account credentials. As a result of this, a user needs to undergo the Activision account recovery process which has been discussed in the following sections.

Before you begin with the account recovery method, you must note that the same method is applicable if you wish to recover your Call of Duty account.

Note this before you recover your Activision account

There are certain milestones you need to cover in order to begin with the account recovery method.

  • The first thing that you require to do is submit the account recovery request for which you will need a new Activision account with a new Activision ID.
  • Once you create a new Activision account, you can link all the other platform accounts with it.

If Activision finds out your request to be a valid one, it may take up to 10 business days for the account recovery. Activision tries its best to let a user recover his account and to get your hands back on your Activision account, you have to fill out a form.

Method to submit Activision account recovery request

  1. Go directly to the page.
  2. Click on the ‘GET STARTED’ button to proceed further.
  3. Here you will see all the information related to account recovery.
  4. First up, you need to create a new Activision account with a valid email address.
  5. Using the same account login credentials, you need to sign in to PlayStation, Xbox Live, Steam,, or Nintendo.
  6. From the same browser, you need to sign in to your new Activision account.
  7. Now, go to the ‘Account linking’ section and choose an account you wish to link.
  8. After that, click on the ‘Continue’ option and you will see a new screen.
  9. You can repeat the same steps to link all the other accounts.
  10. Once you are done linking all your accounts, you need to again login into your new account.

Method to reset your Activision password

To recover a forgotten Activision password, you can directly go to and complete some easy steps for password recovery or consider using the steps given below for Activision password reset:

  1. From a browser, go to After this, you need to enter the email address of your Activision account.
  2. Click on the ‘Submit’ option after entering the password.
  3. Now, Activision will send you password resetting instructions on your email address.
  4. Go to the inbox of your email address and click on the link given in it.
  5. Make sure to use this link within 24 hours.
  6. On the page that opens with this link, you can create a new password.
  7. This new password must be 8 to 20 characters long and must contain at least one letter and one number.
  8. After you enter your new password, click on the ‘Save’ option.
  9. From now onwards, you need to use the same password for the next time you log in.


You must recover your Activision account immediately as it lets you explore the world of different gaming platforms. Thus, to enjoy unstoppable gaming, it is necessary that you keep the Activision account credentials safe and handy.


  1. What is an Activision account for?

With an Activision account, you can enjoy cross-platform gaming in one place. If you do not need to use different accounts for playing games on PlayStation, Xbox Live, Steam,, or Nintendo, one Activision account is all you need. After you create this account, you can further link your gaming account to it.

  1. Can I log into my Activision account on a different console?

Yes, you can easily log in to your Activision account on a different console by just hovering your mouse over your username and click on the ‘Linked accounts’ option. From there you will be redirected to the gaming platform of your choice.

  1. Can I transfer my Activision account from Xbox to ps4?

In case you have already linked your Xbox and PS4 accounts to your Activision account, then all your accounts’ information will be available on that single platform. In case you want to know how to link your gaming platform to your Activision account, you can go to Activision’s official website.

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