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Adobe flash player end of life- Everything you need to know

There is a piece of sad news for those who have been using Adobe Flash Player for a long now and wanted to continue using it for longer as Adobe has announced the end of life for Adobe Flash Player. This event has already taken place on December 31, 2020, which has shocked many users who loved using it for serving different purposes.

Now, you must be thinking that why Adobe has to take this decision even when Adobe Flash Player was seeing immense popularity. Well, we shall discuss the same later in this article. As soon as the Flash Player stopped working, users were getting prompts to uninstall it, but why that also we shall be discussing in the upcoming sections of this page.

Why did Adobe stop supporting the Adobe Flash Player?

When Adobe Flash Player was launched in the market in the year 1996 it was loved by the users a lot. But as time passed by, it started to face vulnerabilities and exploits. Although Adobe tried hard to keep patching it for 24 long years, it did not think it could patch it any longer. Now, most of the developers have shifted their interest to HTML5 and others, as a result of this, Adobe has to take this decision.

Why users should uninstall it?

Adobe constantly reminds its users to uninstall the Flash Player from their devices because of some obvious reasons. When a program or software reached the end of its life cycle, it simply means that its owners would no longer provide any patches or security updates for it. This means it can ultimately harm your device in any way and it may get vulnerable also. Those who will uninstall it would be safe from any attacks. At the same time, from January 12, 2021 users were not able to use it for content creation.

Method uninstall Adobe Flash Player from Windows

  1. First, go to From there, tap on the ‘Uninstaller’ link.
  2. It will download the Flash Player Uninstaller from your device.
  3. Tap on the .exe file and save it to any location.
  4. Now, exit all the browsers you have opened.
  5. Also, close the programs on which the Flash Player runs.
  6. Next, run the uninstaller on your device by double-tapping on it.
  7. Select ‘Yes’ on the prompt for letting the file make changes to your device.
  8. Now, you have to delete all the related files from the following folder:


  1. Once you delete the files from this folder, ensure that the uninstallation is successful.
  2. As soon as it does, restart your device and see if the Flash Player has been removed or not.


It is a must that you uninstall the Flash Player from your device as soon as possible so as to avoid any future hurdles as it has already seen the end of life. For instructions to uninstall it from Mac, users can refer to the guidelines given on the official page of Adobe.

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