Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows building a virtual fortress for Amazon users which is going to literally lighten up their lives. Amazon Web Services (AWS), a section of Amazon, is a worldwide cloud platform providing products like storage, databases, game tech, management and developer tools, computing power, security, to name a few. However, here’s the catch – you, being a valuable Amazon user, have to pay only for the services you choose to use.

If you are a new cloud technology user and wish to explore Amazon Web Services (AWS):

  • Go to the official website Do not worry if you can understand a certain language because the key feature of Amazon Web Services (AWS) is that cancels all language barriers and contains all recognized global languages.
  • Create an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account. Once done, you will get 12 months of free-tier access. Isn’t that amazing?

Still, wondering to take the plunge or not? Let’s understand this a little better. So, what is Amazon Web Services (AWS) and how does it work?

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a 100 percent secured cloud platform, adopted by Amazon, to help the company expand further and faster.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you more cloud services and features for a list of services.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) lets you to experiment and innovate. It’s a known fact that cloud computing services are the future. Some happy Amazon Web Services (AWS) include growing start-up companies, large enterprises, and government agencies.

Here are the reasons why customers choose Amazon Web Services (AWS) over other cloud services:

  • The most secured cloud service provider
  • The fastest and largest global cloud infrastructure
  • AWS is easier to operate
  • AWS is cost-effective. You choose from the trial, always free and 12-months free.
  • AWS makes business scale and grow. AWS offers networking, analytics, developer, virtualization, security, and other services
  • AWS is used by 80 percent of the fortune companies and provides a platform, infrastructure, software, and cloud storage

There is no denying that everyone is getting their hands on AWS and put their application on the cloud. Let’s look at more reasons why you should also start using cloud services:

  • Easy sign-up process: With AWS, there is no need of an agreement. All you need to do is add up the e-mail id and a credit card and you are good to go.
  • Per hour Billing: AWS comes with a micro billing facility.
  • Go hardware-free: Launch your server, big machines without buying any hardware.
  • Trusted advisor: AWS gives you stability and fosters trust.

What does AWS stand for in technology?

In terms of technology, AWS has done a lot to satisfy their customers. AWS is constantly adopting the latest technologies so that you can make your imagination into reality. As AWS updates by the minute, here are few innovation strategies that AWS has undertaken during the past one year:

  • AWS Control Tower console for details on external rules
  • AWS IoT Site Wise Monitor now supports AWS Cloud Formation
  • AWS Code Pipeline supports deployments with Cloud Formation Stack Sets
  • AWS Data Exchange Publisher Coordinator and Subscriber Coordinator
  • AWS Android app control offers additional collaboration control

Cloud Computing Services

The need of the hour is ‘cloud computing services’. This technology will take your business to just another level. Here’s why:

  • Cloud computing services are delivering IT resources over the internet, whenever needed.
  • Cloud computing offers pay as you go pricing.
  • Cloud computing is used to store, manage, and process data rather than storing everything on the local server.
  • Cloud computing services let us store and access our data from anywhere, anytime.
  • Cloud computing services are speedy, cost-effective, provides excellent scalability, accessibility, and better security.

Types of cloud computing that AWS offers and manages on the basis of subscription are:

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Platform as a Service (PaaS)
  • Software as a Service (SaaS)

AWS requires Amazon Web Server

Amazon Web Server is server software of one or more computers which makes the running of AWS quick and possible.

Amazon manages its web-based customer requests through the web resources which are related to one or more servers.

Each AWS customer gets their very own separate server for all the products chosen by them.

AWS has different servers for the setup and operation of cloud computing services:

  • Amazon RDS for SQL Server: Amazon RDS server takes care of the setup, operation, and scaling of a SQL Server database in the cloud.
  • Amazon EC2:Amazon EC2 secures and resizes computer capacity to give support to any virtual workload.

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