Fix connections to Bluetooth Windows 10

Fix connections to Bluetooth Windows 10

For the past few years, Bluetooth has been serving as one of the most essential parts of our digital lives. Whether it is exchanging files or connect to your music system, one cannot go without using Bluetooth for some specific purposes. However, at times, the Bluetooth feature in your Windows 10 device might stop working. So, if your Bluetooth has recently stopped working, then you may use the resolution instructions given in this article very carefully.

If this is the first time you are trying to connect to a Bluetooth device or use the Bluetooth feature, then you might not be following the correct procedure for the same. So, to learn the correct procedure to connect to Bluetooth, you can refer to any article available on the web. For troubleshooting instructions, refer to the section given below.

Try these to troubleshoot Bluetooth connectivity issues

Method 1- Refer to the manual

In case you are connecting to the Bluetooth for the first time, then you must check if you are following the correct steps for setting it up. Also, check if you are connecting to a compatible device or not as some devices might not be having the “Bluetooth” feature.

Method 2- Verify if the Bluetooth is enabled or not

If your device has a physical Bluetooth switch on it, then despite turning on the “Bluetooth” feature, you need to press the same button to turn it on. Using the methods listed below, you can easily check if the Bluetooth feature is turned on or not. There are simply two ways to do so; using the “Taskbar” or using the “Settings” menu. To check if it is turned on or not, do the following:

  • Go to the “Taskbar” of your device and select “Action Center.” Select the “Expand” menu and choose “Bluetooth” to turn it on. If you see the “Not connected” option, it means you are not connected to any device.
  • Else, go to the “Settings” of your device by tapping on the “Start” menu. Here, you need to navigate to the “Devices” section where you need to choose “Bluetooth & other devices” and then make sure that it is turned on or not.

Method 3- Verify if your Bluetooth device is connected or not

If you are facing any connectivity issues with your Bluetooth device, then you must check the device itself and try to find out if there is any problem with the batteries. Also, verify that it is in the range of that device with which you wish to connect it. If everything seems just fine, then:

  • You must restart your Bluetooth device and see if it connects or not
  • Also, make sure that it is in the range of the connected device


Trying these steps would definitely help resolve the issue. If you are still facing Bluetooth connectivity issues in your Windows 10 PC, then you must check if your device is in airplane mode or not. Else, try restarting the device or run the Bluetooth Troubleshooter.

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