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How do you highlight on Google docs?

Highlighting text in a document comes quite convenient when you need to bookmark certain lines in a paragraph or the whole document. Well, many people are familiar with the way how one can highlight a line or a word in a Microsoft Word document. However, many people are not familiar with doing the same in a Google doc. So, if you are also interested in learning how do you highlight on Google docs, then you must learn the same by reading this article till the end.

If you do not know much about Google docs, then there are a few things that you should note about it. Many users may not agree with the fact that Google Docs is many users’ preference over Word or any other document composing application. However, there are still some users who would not deny the fact that Google Docs has far more interesting features as compared to any other application. Now, that we know some important facts about Google Docs, we shall move on to what we have arrived here for.

Highlight Google Docs text on a PC

In case you are using a PC, then the steps would be different for those who are using a smartphone. Therefore, if you are using Google Docs, then you may skip directly to the next section.

  1. Begin by opening the document in which you wish to highlight text.
  2. Now, using the cursor of your mouse, you can select the desired phrase or word.
  3. Now, keep the text selected and go to the Toolbar.
  4. Then, locate the pencil icon in it.
  5. And, choose the desired color of the pencil.
  6. After that, make a click using your mouse on the document.
  7. Be sure that you do not click on the selected words.

You are done now and this is how you highlight the text in a document.

Method to highlight Google Docs text on a smartphone

Whether you are using an Android phone or an iOS-based phone, highlighting text on them is quite different when you do it on a PC. Therefore, we shall discuss the procedure for the same in a separate section.

  1. First, open the desired document on your device.
  2. Now, using your finger, you need to tap on the text area.
  3. After that, you can use the markers to select the desired words.
  4. Further, locate the ‘Plus’ sign which is present next to the enlarged ‘A.’
  5. Here, you need to tap on the ‘A’ alphabet.
  6. And tap on the ‘Text’ also.
  7. Furthermore, you have to scroll down to find the ‘Highlight Color’ option.
  8. As soon as you choose the color, the text will be highlighted.


If you are a regular Google Docs user, then it is important that you know the tricks and tactics to use the same. One thing you can do is, try using each tool one-by-one and see how each one works. In case you could not highlight text on Google Docs, you can try using these steps again.

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