PS5 Problems

PS5 Problems: A complete list of common PlayStation 5 issues

After the release of the much-awaited version of PlayStation, PS5 in November, several people who own it have already started facing issues with it. Although the game available in it are diverse in nature and create a lasting impact on the player, it might sometimes be the cause of their headache. From getting your hands on this gaming console, since it is usually out of stock, to using it actually, PS5 may not be something that you have thought it to be. However, since it has been launched on, many people are facing PS5 problems.

The users of PS5 are facing countless issues ranging from different errors to crashes. Most of the users are facing software-related issues that are hard to resolve and this is something that is quite frustrating for someone who has spent around $500 to buy it. Now, that you are clear about the topic we are going to discuss, let us move straight to that without making any delay.

List of commonly faced PS5 problems and bugs

Issues related to the network connection Many users have random network connectivity issues with their PlayStation. Although this is not an issue that keeps on troubling them time and again, at the same time it is a grave one. Users of the previous version of PlayStation have also faced the same issue but till now Sony has not come up with a fix for the same.

  • Problems while data transfer

Whenever you try to transfer data from PlayStation 4 to PlayStation 5 through a USB or LAN, you end up with an error, or your system starts to crash. Apart from this, users have also experienced other issues that accompany this error. But, there is no update seen in the firmware from the company’s end to resolve this error.

  • The console gets crashed while in rest mode

When you put your console in the rest mode and get back to it, what you see is that your game has been suspended or the console is crashing. In addition to this, users have also faced other critical errors while they put their console in sleep mode. Unfortunately, Sony has not released any fix that can help users to get rid of this issue. However, using the ‘Settings’ menu, you can always ensure that your PC does not go in the rest mode.

  • Corruption of hard drive

While you can always use external hard drives with your PlayStation and this is one of the reasons why people love it, but you may face problems while doing so. This is one of the most common PS5 problems that users have been reported to face. Majorly, they face issues while data transfer is under process or the data gets corrupted. Moreover, several users have faced a complete loss of data while using the hard drive.

  • Error code CE-108262-9

You may see this error accompanying other PS5 problems. But, like other errors, there is no solution to get rid of this. All you can do is seek some assistance from Sony to fix it.

Pending downloads

At times, when your PlayStation tries to install any games from the Play Store, it might not get installed and show you some kind of errors. Fortunately, Sony has worked upon it and found out an update that can possibly fix this error so that you can easily download games and updates on your PS5 and you won’t come across problems while doing so.


These are some of the commonly faced PS5 problems for which there are no particular fixes. Although, you can always look for available updates and download them so that you do not come across these issues in the future. If nothing else helps getting rid of the issues, you may need to factory reset your PlayStation.

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