How to fix the issue when you are not able to login bitcoin account?

The use of Bitcoins is gaining popularity due to the emergence of new cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately with the development, the cryptocurrency users face different Bitcoin errors. So, if you are confused about and not getting a solution to fix the issue when you are not able to login bitcoin account. In this article, you will get the solution to fix the solution to deal with such error, as a result, there arises a need to secure and reliable cryptocurrency storage. It is very much important that cryptocurrency safety fundamentals depend on user responsibility.


In order to keep your funds intact and safe, it is very important to have a combination of knowledge of digital security and currency storage. It is very important to understand that the processed cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Therefore to avoid the victim of hacker attacks, you need to maintain protected access to public and private keys. So, let’s start the topic and discuss the steps to log in to the bitcoin account without interruptions errors.


What are the steps to fix the issue when you are not able to login bitcoin account?

  1. First of all, you need to ensure to type the email and not select pre-filled information. You need to make sure just type the email address and not select the pre-filled information.
  2. Make sure you are not using the capital letters in the email address on the mobile devices.
  3. If you have changed the password, make sure they ensure that something you have not used before.
  4. Just try to login into a new browser or the device
  5. Clear the browsers cache, history, and paved password.
  6. If you still have an issue, then select the password reset at the login screen.
  7. Ensure that you need to check the junk/clutter folders.
  8. If you have received the error that pops with “The account does not exist or the password is incorrect” error follow the steps on-screen.
  9. Remember, if you are unsure about two-factor authentication, or unable to receive the confirmation codes for verification.
  10. Now, if you also have an IP address that is blocked there follow the instructions and guidelines on the official website.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

In this article, we have discussed some steps for blockchain wallet recovery, just remember security is the utmost priority. Before you work with any wallet for Blockchain, you need to make sure that you have researched the options and choose the best match. It is important to not store all of your valuable funds in one wallet and make sure to select the cold storage options. Just keep your passwords, recovery phrases, and private keys safe and protected. You need not share the details with anyone and don’t store them online. Always remember in case you use the instructions on how to backup your wallet. If the problems are very complex then you need to make sure to get in touch with the customer support team for the instructions and guidelines to fix the error.

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