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Tips and tricks to get cheap Windows 10 key

When you buy a new PC, you cannot use it until you install an Operating System on it because a PC without OS is nothing, but a waste. In this situation, one has different options to choose from such as Windows, Mac, Linux, and more. But, you have probably landed here because you want Windows 10 as your operating system. However, some people do not want to pay a huge amount in order to get the operating systems installed on your device. Apart from this, not only the new users need to get their hands on the cheap Windows 10 key but also those who had been using Windows 7.

Thus, if you are also looking for a way to get Windows 10 key cheap, then you shall go through this useful guide from the beginning till the end. Usually, there is a single legitimate method to get the product key which is through the official website of Microsoft. But, using some tricks, you can get Windows 10 cheap key. One thing worth noting here is that you do not actually pay for the operating system but for its product key.

Price for which you can get the product key

Although the price of the product key is usually quite high and that is the reason why people look for cheap Windows 10 product key. Usually, if you buy an authentic Windows 10 product key, you will get it for the price of $309 which is equal to £339 or $340 AU. However, there is not only a single way to get your hands on the product key apart from buying it from authentic sources. There are several websites from where you can purchase the cheap Windows 10 key.

Here are the tricks to get a cheaper Windows 10 key

  • Simply upgrade

If you are an existing user of Windows 7 or Windows 8, then simply upgrading to the latest version of Windows will save you some amount.

  • Get a cheap key from a third-party website

Although a cheap Windows 10 product key works on all PCs it may, however, lack some of the features. So, if you are ready to compromise on some of the features of Windows 10, then you may easily navigate to a third-party website and get the desired Windows 10 key cheap. But, there is a catch, if you do not buy a Windows 10 product key from authentic sources, your product key might not work.

  • Get Free Windows 10 Education

This is a special student discount that users can avail of and access all the personalized features of Windows 10. With this, you also get Microsoft Support, but to buy this version of Windows 10, you need to be an eligible student.

  • Use an un-activated version

Using an un-activated version would save you a lot of money but you will only be eligible to use limited features of the product and you will be prompted to activate it again and again.

So, what’s the best way to get cheap Windows 10 key?

Well, in my opinion, besides looking for cheaper ways to buy the product key, you should always opt for an authentic version of the products. Rather than buying your copy of the Windows 10 product key from a third-party source, you should navigate to the official website of Microsoft and enjoy all the benefits attached to it. Since Windows 10 cheap key would not always work as it should be working and might hamper your work.


By reading this article, it is clear that using an unauthentic version of the product key is however not useful as you have to miss out on different features and services which are however available with the authentic version. But, if you still wish to get cheap Windows 10 key, then you should either opt for the Student version or use an un-activated product.

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