TurboTax VS CPA

What would you choose, TurboTax VS CPA?

Leading the market in the product segment, TurboTax is renowned for its services as a software package that helps in preparing for all the returns on American income tax. It was developed in the early ’80s and sold to Intuit almost a decade later. Since then Intuit has been giving out exclusive services with taxes through the TurboTax software and with TurboTax Online. Its digital platform has proved to be extremely convenient in preparing and then e-filing the tax returns from any computer system or mobile device that has Internet access. Here, we’ll be discussing the tax return options for small businesses. Other than TurboTax there are virtual platforms to do the same but nothing is more effective than a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Therefore, let’s talk more details about TurboTax vs CPA for small businesses.

Benefits of TurboTax

First, let’s look at a few reasons why you should consider choosing TurboTax:

  • File your tax returns via their platform
  • Get help from the onboard live experts
  • Provide details, and they will do it for you
  • Leading tax return software for decades
  • SmartLook video help from TurboTax specialists

Different versions of TurboTax

Now, there are four versions of software packages that TurboTax offers:

  • Free Edition- only for the simplest tax returns.
  • Deluxe- to maximize the tax deductions and credits.
  • Premium- for investments and renting properties.
  • Self-Employed- for income and expenses (personal and business).

Benefits of a CPA

Before deciding on what to side for when talking about “TurboTax vs CPA for small business” let’s also look at some benefits of hiring a CPA:

  • Get a detailed and effective bookkeeping service.
  • Get assisted with filing your taxes.
  • Effective business asset management.
  • Cost-effective solutions.

TurboTax VS CPA

Let’s discuss some insights on the “TurboTax vs CPA for small business” matter. Tax preparing and filing software has never disappointed and especially with complexities. TurboTax is one such software that provides the best services and solutions to its consumers with different versions of packages suiting their preferences. However easy-to-use, it is still a software that is virtually existent and is manmade. It is liable to have flaws and limitations like any other machine or robot.

So, when your taxes start getting complex, it is always recommended to hire a CPA. Even though it would cost a bit extra, it will be beneficial in the long run. CPAs have higher education and experience in the field as compared to a software platform. They are extremely business-focused, professional bookkeeping experiences, tax expertise that is far off of personal returns. And to settle the war of TurboTax vs CPA for small businesses, you’d probably want to consult a CPA.

Note: To know how to Downgrade TurboTax, you can visit the official website and follow the instructions.


In the above read, we talked about how TurboTax has been the best software in preparing and filing for its consumer’s tax returns. We discussed what benefits the consumers get with the software and/or the online platform along with the different versions of packages they offer. Then we talked about a few benefits of hiring a CPA, followed by a detailed explanation of the “TurboTax vs CPA for small business” matter. And later are the steps to downgrade your TurboTax version.

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